NEM Videos

Ensuring Responsible Nickel Mining For Tesla Using Blockchain and IoT (Elon Musk, give us a call!)

David Shaw keynote at Finsum 2021

Symbol at the TNABC 2020 in Miami

Symbol Testnet, explained

The Future of NEM NIS1

NEM 2019 Year in Review

Why NEM (XEM) Cryptocurrency Will Explode in December [WATCH BEFoRE DEC 15] | Launch of Symbol (XYM)

NEM Introduction 2017

Introducing NEM

The NEM Show: Token wrapping for the NEM blockchain

Jeff McDonald | The Future of NEM

{Founders Live} Jeff McDonald, NEM & LuxTag, Internet of Money: Defi & Millennial investors

How Blockchain is Changing the World

Jeff McDonald - Unlocking Advanced Blockchain applications

Jeff McDonald | The Future of NEM

NEM Focus: Hybrid Chain - Making Blockchain work for the Real World

Catapult development 2020 (chill edition)

StakeHound 6th AMA session: The Future of Staking and DeFi with Iain Wilson from NEM Group

NEM Focus | StakeHound walkthrough demo


Challenges and Solutions with The NEM Foundations President Alex Tinsman and CTo Nate DAmico

Explained: NEM vs. Ethereum | NEM Blockchain Center Kuala Lumpur

Inside NEM Special Edition: Block2TheFuture with NEM Advisor Jeff McDonald

NEM Presentation February 2018

Blockchain - a moonshot-enabler technology | Jeff McDonald & Rene F. Bernard | TEDxUTP

NEM Crypto Bigger and Better Than Ever & Catapult Coming Soon!

InnoVEX 2019 Center Stage - 05/30

NEM Blockchain: why does LuxTag use it?

Beginner Blockchain Architecture: Choosing the Right Blockchain

NEM: The Future of Blockchain with Mr. Nelson Valero

1. NEM Blockchain: why does LuxTag use it?

2. Ethereum vs NEM: Account ownership and Transferability (LuxTag, 2018)

3. IBM Hyperledger: Can LuxTag build on it? (and why not )

Artificial Intelligence: Challenges, Benefits And Risks

4. Transaction Fees on the Blockchain: Do they limit the industry useability of NEM Blockchain? (2018)

5. Cryptocurrency vs Blockchain: Differences (and why you should NEVER confuse them)

6. Product security services: is blockchain the perfect fit? (YES!)

7. Timestamping of Data: how important is this feature for blockchain? (2018)

Jeff McDonald: Solving Real World Problems and Unlocking New Applications: Aggregating Transactions

Inside NEM Blockchain Video Episode 1: Interview With Lon Wong, ETH vs NEM

Inside NEM Blockchain Video Episode 2: Weekly News Recap

Inside NEM Blockchain Video Episode 3: Harvesting XEM (NEM Coin)

Inside NEM Blockchain Video Episode 4: Jeff McDonald Interview on NEM + Luxtag + Voting Center

Jeff mcDonald speaking at CoinAgenda

NEM Blockchain Centre

Future Tech Podcast The NEM Blockchain Managing Assets with Customizability Flexibility And Efficiency

Wicked Crypto Meetup 9-25-2017 Wicked Crypto Meetup

Kristof Van de Reck, October 2017 Blockchain Forum Barcelone

101 Series: NEM, 3-5-2018 101 Series: NEM

Blockstart Interview, 6-24-2018 Blockstart Interview

Alex Tinsman podcast, 8-7-2018 Future Tech podcast


Ep. #20: Fintech/Blockchain Hub with Joe Seunghyun Cho (Founding CEO Lattice 80) Ep. #20: Fintech/Blockchain Hub with Joe Seunghyun Cho (Founding CEO Lattice 80)